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Water Softeners

Water Softeners
A water softener is a highly beneficial investment for households struggling with hard water problems. By removing heavy minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium from the water supply, it prevents issues such as mineral deposits, scale buildup, damage to appliances, and dry skin and hair. Additionally, softened water leads to cleaner dishes, softer skin, brighter clothes, and a better taste in drinking water.

At Mr. Plumber, we pride ourselves on providing professional and dependable whole house water treatment systems and water softeners. Our trained experts install custom-built water softeners tailored to meet your unique needs, using only high-quality parts sourced from a reputable, family-run business. We also carry a wide variety of parts in our inventory for quick, efficient servicing.

Our team understands that every customer has different requirements and concerns. That’s why we offer personalized solutions to best suit your individual needs. Contact us today for a free quote on a new water softener, and let us exceed your expectations with our exceptional customer service.

We Recommend Green NAC and Green Fusion Water Softeners

Green NAC

This system does not use electricity, water, or salt. As the hard scale bearing chlorinated water enters the device, it is passed through the coconut shell carbon greatly reducing chlorine and organic contaminants while trapping sediment less than the human eye can see. After the carbon the water passes through the reticulated KDF cubes reducing heavy metals including both lead and mercury.

The water continues through the 2nd chamber which contains the scale control media which is called NAC (Nucleation Assisted Crystalization) filtersorb media. NAC transforms dissolved hardness into harmless microscopic crystal particles. These particles are formed without the use of salt and move through the plumbing system without latching on to the plumbing pipes and fixtures. Again, this is accomplished without salt, rinse water, or electricity.

As of now this is the best alternative technology to salt based water softeners.

Green Fusion

Green Fusion Systems products combine a water softener and water filtration into one unit.

Water passes through a series of chambers equipped with high-tech filters that reduce chlorine and heavy metals, including mercury and lead, into your home.

Coconut-shell carbon filtration removes chlorine, herbicides and pesticides from agricultural runoff, cleaning by-products and trihalomethane.

Uniform bead resin attracts more calcium and magnesium than traditional resins, and need 50% less salt than conventional softeners.

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